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Wise Words

Monday, September 27, 2004


answer me these questions 3...er, 1 and u'll win.  win wut?  good question.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


this is my buff arm with the un-bursted paintball's bruise

yes, i AM aware that i all of a sudden have a goatee and uni-brow in this shot

what i do in my spare time:

poor lil colin...*emo tear*

and who says guys can't cry?

meet my original twin, colin.  we're not actually twins...but we could sure pass as siblings

Current mood: happy go lucky


i am going to get pictures of my bruises from paintball. i will post soon. i am especially proud of the bitchen one on my ribs.

Current mood: amused


i totally forgot to post when i made this community... so i guess i'll make up for it now. and i should get a scanner and learn how to get pics on my comp probably too... for now, i'll tell my ultra cool skill that i'm learning: irish step dancing. with that and bellydancing under my belt, i'll be set for life. o, and i'll have to get myself an orange moped as well. so i can dance while riding through the streets of Montana becuz u should know that I'm moving to Montana. some little town around Missoula, MT. hell yes.
~Joe Bob
P.S. there was a killer article in the Enterprise the other day about the area in MT where i want to live. i'm going to clip it out and force everyone to read it so that i don't seem like a complete weirdo.

Current mood: awake